Where do I find startup news?

Is it important for founders to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the startup world? Yes! Why though? Well because as founders we have to stay in touch with the world around us outside of the walls of our own startup. We need to constantly scan the environment around us to look out for opportunities but also avoid potential threats. 

Keeping up with the news also gives us perspective on what is currently working when it comes to startups – what business models are emerging? What sectors are getting the most attention from investors? What new organisations have been created that you could get involved with? 

So where do we look for startup news? There are a huge range of websites, publications, podcasts & other media channels. We’ve suggested a few of our ‘go-to’ sources for startup news below. 


Maddyness started life as a French publication where it is now the biggest publication for startup news. However, in recent times it has also launched a UK version which is always full of news, tips & insight, events and much more. 


TechCrunch is an American online newspaper reporting on tech news from around the world. They are also known for their TechCrunch Disrupt conference & Startup Battlefield competition. 



Another large online publication with different editions for regions around the world. Mixture of news & advice. Some of the articles can be hit & miss but worth having a browse to pull out the good content. 



Sifted is a tech publication that is backed by the Financial Times. Often you find some really great articles on Sifted. However, the only downside is that not all the content is free. There is still plenty to take in even within the free content though! 


Startup Magazine

Startup Magazine is both a digital & physical magazine that features a range of startup news, advice, insight & stories. Each issue has a particular theme. 


Another way to look at startup news would be on either a regional level or sector specific. Most startup hubs would have a local publication or community organisation who would share news about what is happening in your local area. Additionally, there are publications which are sector specific – again this may help you to find out exactly what is going on in your industry to ensure you are kept up to date. 

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