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Our Story

BEC (formally Birmingham Enterprise Community) is an award-winning organisation that supports a global community of entrepreneurs and businesses through a range of services, programmes and initiatives that support these entrepreneurs from concept/idea phase through to creating a startup all the way through to supporting high-growth scaleups.

We’re successful entrepreneurs using our experience to help entrepreneurs around the world to leap further and faster from thinking big to doing big, by providing training in everything from raising finance to building relationships to initiating sustainability.


BEC Bigger Leaps, Fewer Steps

Our Values

The work of Birmingham Enterprise Community is designed and delivered around four key community values. These values influence both how we work as an organisation and how we work with the entrepreneurs in our communities:

Entrepreneurship is for everyone

Anyone from anywhere could be an entrepreneur and should have access to engaging in entrepreneurial activities

Nothing is impossible

No idea is too big or ambitious. We work to find solutions and remove barriers rather than focusing on things being ‘too difficult’.

Collaboration NOT Competition

We work in collaboration with the whole ecosystem and encourage our entrepreneurs to work together.

Learning is for life

Learning is a continuous process that never ends. Whether just starting out or a veteran entrepreneur, there are always new things to learn and new ways to see the world.

Our Team

Daniel Evans

Chief Executive

Jamie Rymer

Head of Entrepreneurial Support

Lester Fernandes

Office Manager

Dr Pam Waddell OBE

Board Member

Dr Kaz Kirollos

Board Member

Dr Eman Al-Hillawi

Board Member

Paul Evans

Board Member

Debbie Assinder

Board Member

Matt Whelan

Board Member

Reimagine Entrepreneurship

BEC (Birmingham Enterprise Community) is a new breed of entrepreneurial community. One which looks to work alongside individuals, other organisations and institutions towards common goals rather than individual pursuits.

Creating a community where collaboration births benefit for all.

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