we believe it takes successful entrepreneurs to train entrepreneurs

Access to mentors is one of the key elements of the comprehensive support provided by BEC.

We have constructed an international pool of mentors from Birmingham through to Australia, who have an amazing range of business experience, across a wide range of sectors and industries, with backgrounds ranging from those who have built, scaled and exited a business through to those with years of experience at some of the world’s most successful organisations.

Lee Lam

Business Consultant

Bethan Miles

The Impact Mentor

Jagvir Pureval

Paten Attorney at Forresters

Stuart Harrison

Director, FinTech West

Steve Dalton

CEO at secluded.io

Dan Lambeth

Partner, ESG – Brunswick Group

Shammi Raichura

Head of Cities at Uber

Alana Matos

UX Designer, The Economist

Paul Evans

Investor & Advisor

Danilo De Salvo

Entrepreneur & Engineer

Felipe Servin

CEO of YoAmo Media

Pranav Marwah

Co-Founder of ThinQbate

Ioannis Verdelis

Co-Founder of Flesky

Konstantinos Giants

Data Science & IIot Apps

Richard Sargent

Entrepreneur & Mentor

Mike Allen

Business Doctor & Mentor

Nick Pope

Executive Coach & Mentor

Dave Evans

MD at Pixel Management

Feras Al-Ghrwi

Finance Management

Tomer Mozai

Founder & CEO at Prodicode

Huw Sparkes

Junior Investment Executive

JP Le Borgne

Executive Business Coach

Andy Collyer

Entrepreneur, CEO & Mentor

Ellen Bishop

Alcea Consulting Ltd.

Ben Harrold

Financial Advisor

Mazhar Kantakji

Finance Expert, KL

Luke Poulton

UK Technology Evangelist

Oliver Hills

Nonsensical, CEO

Bart Dalton

BullRing Founder & Mentor

Victoria Williams

Business Turnaround Expert

Tomer Mozai

Authenticity Coach

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