Birmingham Enterprise Community Welcomes Bart ‘B.D.’ Dalton II To It’s Board Of Directors

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Bart Dalton to BEC’s Board. 

BEC has made significant progress during its first year of operation, launching several programmes and helping a number of emerging entrepreneurs not just in the Midlands but from around the world. The impact that BEC was able to achieve in such a short amount of time received acclaim from business leaders, established entrepreneurs and, most importantly, BEC’s own community of emerging entrepreneurs. As the organisation moves forward into its second year and into a new phase of development and growth, the team knew that it would be important to bring in an additional director to the board to add further skills and experience to the team. 

We are excited to welcome Bart to the team and believe that his experience and knowledge will help BEC as it moves to the next level and increases the impact it is creating to help more startups and entrepreneurs across the world. 

So who is Bart Dalton? Let’s find out!

Q: Let’s get to know the newest member of the BEC Board! Tell us a little about yourself!

Bart: I came over to the UK in 2002 as part of an expatriate team of financial advisers for the firm Edward Jones. It was a five year tour and we are now in the 18th year of that tour. We now have a practice in financial advice, a legal services firm, A number of investments in start-ups and scale ups. Plus this makes us very excited to work with the BEC team.

Q: How did you meet the BEC team and what made you interested in becoming part of the team?

Bart: I was introduced to Daniel about a year ago in 2019. I was excited about the venture that he, Omran and Alex were planning, but it wasn’t the right time for me to get involved. We kept in touch and it led to a re-engagements in early 2020.

Q: You bring with you a wealth of experience from the various businesses you’ve been involved with. What will your role be in helping BEC move to its next stage?

Bart: The team has put in place the foundations for excellence for entrepreneurs and start-ups to succeed. I have run a number of companies and been on quite a few boards so I know how to make sure we can maximise the value both for cohorts and our ecosystem. This is an opportunity for a start-up To help other start-ups. There are a plethora of mentors and other people who want to help our team succeed and that makes me excited to be a part of our next level at BEC. With background in finance, legal, start-up, scale up, international Business I know that I will be able to amplify the teams already strong resume.

Q: BEC is all about providing startups & entrepreneurs with the support they need to move forward. Why is it important that these entrepreneurs seek support rather than trying to do everything on their own?

Bart: I believe it is hugely important for entrepreneurs to get help from people that have been there done that got the T-shirt. That is why I want to add encouragement along with pointed feedback to our cohorts so that we can help them lay the foundations for their future successes along with our team at BEC- a problem shared is a problem halved! There are so many mistakes an entrepreneur can make and why wouldn’t you want to make less mistakes than other people. The other reason all of us should seek is that we believe that our business is unstoppable and great. Sometimes we just need someone to nudge us in the right direction and I love a good entrepreneurial nudge.

Q: Outside of work, what do you like to do for fun?

Bart: When I am not working we play water polo, hit the gym. And love good food and socialising. I love to work and we have a podcast called “Grow Sell and Retire”, which is also the title of my second of three books.  Spain and Seattle are often our two frequently visited places where we love to speak Spanish. This has certainly helped me to work with our Latin American cohort members!

Q: Finally, we know that BEC has some big ambitions for the future. What is it that you are most looking forward to?

Bart: I am looking forward to BEC being at the heart of the thematic Scale Up scene in the UK and beyond. We are ramping up to not only deliver great content but really be stakeholders in the companies that graduate from our FORWARD accelerator and make it into our Beyond programme. Look out for us being at the centre of the investment scene in the next three years too.

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