GLIDE Sustainability & Circular Economy Programme

GLIDE is a new initiative which aims to generate increased levels of entrepreneurship by consolidating the existing knowledge and expertise and streamlining it to better cater to the needs of individuals wishing to start their own business. By doing so, GLIDE seeks to encourage innovation in the wake of COVID-19 and ultimately invigorate economic development and productivity growth. GLIDE is part funded by Buckinghamshire New University and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Programme which is designed to create jobs and support innovation, businesses, and local community regeneration.

BEC designed and delivered the sustainability & Circular Economy programme on behalf of Buckinghamshire New University.

Sustainability BEC

The course was split into four modules and delivered over four consecutive weeks through online specialist workshops. It will gave the participants a solid grounding in the fundamentals of sustainability and the circular economy from a variety of concepts to practical solutions.

What participants have said

"The course was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge on sustainability, learn implementation practices from active actors in the subject and networking with like minded individuals and companies"

Astrid D’Amelio (Course Alumni)

Sustainability Lead | EA | International Affairs

"I enjoyed the structure and content of the course. It has made me more aware of both internal and external emission and sustainability forces and how I can mitigate emissions in most aspects of my life and at work."

Adam Carver (Course Alumni)

CEO of BitGreen

Who did we support?

Business owners and Entrepreneurs across sectors.
Individuals looking to expand their sustainability knowledge.
Unemployed and looking to upskill.

How did it go?

Over 250 applications.
Delivery Type: Remote Delivery.
Location: all across the UK.
Duration: 4 weeks.

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