BEC CEO to join International Trade Council FDI Board of Directors

BEC’s Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Evans, is to take up a position as a board member for the International Trade Council’s Foreign Direct Investment Business Council.

The International Trade Council is a one-stop-shop aimed at support your organizations growth internationally. Since formation, the Council has been engaging business leaders across 179 countries; offering unparalleled access to industry specific trade data, business introductions, networking opportunities, education, insights and government advocacy. The International Trade Council works to progress the common interests of government, industry bodies, businesses, entrepreneurs and investors under one ‘roof’

Daniel will be joined by several other business leaders from across the word who will make up the board. The FDI Business council is a specialized entity dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of the intricacies, challenges, and vast opportunities presented by cross-border investments. Recognizing the significant role that FDI plays in stimulating economic growth, technology transfer, and the interconnectedness of global economies, the council serves as a pivotal point of engagement for investors, governments, corporations, and financial institutions aiming to navigate the complexities of international investments, with a special focus on 10 key areas:

  1. Investment Strategies
  2. Regulatory Environment
  3. Economic Impact Analysis
  4. Risk Management
  5. Sector-specific Opportunities
  6. Incentives and Benefits
  7. Mergers and Acquisitions
  8. Stakeholder Engagement
  9. Sustainable Investment
  10. Post-investment Management

“I am delighted to accept this position with the International Trade Council” said Daniel Evans “With supporting businesses to grow globally being one of our key areas of support at BEC, I understand the challenges these businesses face when it comes to trading overseas. I’m also looking forward to use the insight gained from the ITC role and thinking about what more we can do at BEC to support and enable growth into new markets for our businesses”.

This appointment follows an earlier appointment in late 2021 for Daniel as an NEC for the National Enterprise Network – another organisation that BEC has a close affiliation with as a member. Daniel’s appointment at the ITC demonstrates the strength of expertise that BEC has built up in the FDI, global expansion, trade & investment space.

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