BEC Partners With Pre-Seed Startup Launcher AGORA

In order to deliver the level of support needed for the participants of FORWARD it is necessary for us to bring on board partners that share the same values as BEC and are able to help us to create our package of resources. 

We are absolutely delighted to be working alongside AGORA to help us deliver the FORWARD programme! WIth the accelerator and our wider initiatives having a regional focus it is important to have partners that understand the importance of regional ecosystem context to early venture support. 

AGORA are really happy to be working with BEC. Regional communities are so important to what we do and we couldn’t be happier in seeing the work BEC has done to bring together entrepreneurs in the West Midlands.” – Alex Balderstone, Founder AGORA

AGORA is a one-stop shop for pre-seed ventures. Start-ups will be able to track how investment ready they are and link with a wide range of diverse startup resources; including partners such as Stripe, Tide and Digital Risks. Beyond that, AGORA are aiming to build the largest virtual pre-seed investor network in the UK offering investment opportunities to early stag stage startups. 

“By providing a central digital solution for pre-seed ventures, we hope we can bring BEC access to key resources and content its members need, along with access to what we aim to be the biggest pre-seed investor network in the UK” — Alex Balderstone

Access to the support that AGORA is able to offer has immense benefits to BEC and the FORWARD Accelerator. The AGORA team are right on the pace of what support is needed today for an early stage-venture. This makes them the perfect partner for us in accelerating the growth of participants in our programme. Alex has also been playing an important part in our FORWARD development team over the past few months and has really complemented the skills, knowledge and network of the existing team. 

We encourage you to go and check out AGORA to learn more here:

You can also learn more about FORWARD and how you can apply for the accelerator programme here:

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